Outer Limits

JULY 23 – AUGUST 3, 2018

Architectural design Workshop, ARCHIP

Led by Markéta Mráčková, Barbora Šimonová (http://cosa.cz) and Viktor Vejvoda (http://utopia.comlu.com; http://homeiswheretrashis.tumblr.com; http://trojantactics.tumblr.com) in cooperation with Michaela Janečková, Lynda Zein and ARCHIP team.

Architecture is closely connected to rethinking social and cultural norms. How is it possible in the field of architecture to develop an unusual solution to usual situation? We will introduce ideas exceeding established outer limits of architecture, touching the fields of politics, society, conceptual thinking, space and working conditions.

During two weeks we will work with the premise of architects as organizers of knowledge, not just as designers. The goal is to achieve the open-mind state, find own personal fields of interests and strategies of working. Participants will attempt to find an interdisciplinary view and develop ideas and approaches based on site-specific conditions and individual basic research.

First week will be focused on lectures and excursions connected to the topic of outer limits within the architecture. Participants will define their fields of interests and develop ideas based on site-speci c basic research. ––– Second week will offer diverse design approaches, participants will be encouraged to think about different strategies in the design process. We will work individually or in small groups according to requirements of participants, supporting interaction and multidisciplinarity. Beside discussion with tutors our program will offer consultation with theoreticians and artists. Summer school ideas and projects will be exhibited on a joint one-day exhibition.