Prague Discoveries

JULY 24 – AUGUST 4, 2017

Architectural design Workshop, ARCHIP
Workshop is jointly organized by ARCHIP and COSA, a multidisciplinary Prague based studio and run parallel with exhibition CULTURAL HIJACK, – on art in public space.

Architecture is closely connected to practice of searching, reading, recording and archiving the evolving city and urban environment. Summer school will introduce „storytelling“ as an approach in the field of architecture – the pragmatic and non-narrative field.
During two weeks we will work with the premise of architects as organizers of knowledge, not just as designers. The goal is to achieve the open-mind state, find own personal fields of interests and strategies of working.
Participants will attempt to find an interdisciplinary view and develop ideas and approaches based on site-specific conditions and individual basic research. Project will be focused on critical and alternative thinking and non-conform solutions which have potential to support positive social changes and improve quality of live, public space and city environment.

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