Ideální malý mrakodrap

Ideal small skyscraper (ISS) manifest

1. ISS will contain housing. It is a big apartment building. Housing is a main human need. First floor is for commercial use.

2. Fights against overdesign, exclusivity, sprawl and social-ghetto-like projects.

3. Is not a landmark nor icon.

4. Wants to help to create dense and compact city. Belives in city centre.

5. Is repeatable or can stand in a gap between already standing houses.

6. Has as few technology as possible. In developed world this is the way to sustainability. It can be built in poor countries. It has no air condition, it has openable windows for longitudial ventilation and central heating.

7. Uses open corridor system with entrances to appartments.

8. Is flexible in an appartments layout. There are different categories of appartments.

9. Will have an economic, short-span load bearing structure, preferable from

local material construction. Having it from concrete, steel, wood or clay, the

concept will be the same. You can play with building height and levels.

10. We consider twenty storeys building as a maximum limit from social, economic and environmental point of view

+ Marek Přikryl